REVIEW: Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreo

Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreo

Spring has finally sprung in the Northeast, so all sorts of great things are happening! Grass is rising. Birds are singing. People are getting tan. My hay fever is so bad that I am wondering if cutting off my nose would really be all that spiteful to my face. Most importantly, “Writers from New Jersey review new Oreo flavors” Week is going on at The Impulsive Buy! (All of our themed weeks are incredibly wordy, exactingly descriptive, and don’t follow the normal Sunday-Saturday week schedule.)

Nabisco’s latest non-fudge-covered Oreo is the Berry Burst Ice Cream edition. I can’t find any information online about this new flavor, so we’re left to our own devices when it comes to figuring out which berries are included in the “Berry Burst.” I was hoping for a combination of blackberries (fruit), Blackberrys (phones), and Halle Berry circa 2001.

Once I actually bought and opened the package, it became obvious that the primary and perhaps only berry flavor involved was strawberry. Despite my stuffy nose, I was hit by a strawberry aroma that strongly reminded me of Special K Red Berries cereal. The scent was very pleasant and surprisingly not-too-artificial.

Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreo Naked

The filling did taste like a really sweet batch of strawberry ice cream. There were little red specks that I imagine were supposed to be tiny berry shards, but they didn’t add anything in texture or taste. Since these Oreos seemed to be single stuffed rather than Double Stuf, the strawberry flavor became a bit too understated when I ate the cookies whole (“whole” meaning without taking them apart, not meaning eaten in a single bite… though, you know, there’s no wrong way to eat an Oreo).

I never got a chance to try the limited edition Strawberry Milkshake Crème Oreos in 2008, and I have a sneaking suspicion that they’ve recently been re-named and re-packaged. Even if that’s the case, these Berry Burst / Strawberry Milkshake Oreos are fairly tasty, so if you love Oreos to begin with, go ahead and give them a try. Apologies that this review is on the short side, but I really have to get going – X-Men, Swordfish, and Monster’s Ball aren’t going to add themselves to my Netflix queue.

(Nutrition Facts – 2 cookies – 150 calories, 60 calories from fat, 7 grams of fat, 2.5 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 0 milligrams of cholesterol, 120 milligrams of sodium, 60 milligrams of potassium, 20 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of dietary fiber, 13 grams of sugar, 1gram of protein.)

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Item: Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreo
Price: $2.99
Size: 15.25 ounces
Purchased at: Kmart
Rating: 6 out of 10
Pros: Pleasant and not-too-artificial smell. Filling tastes like strawberry ice cream. Spring has sprung. Halle Berry circa 2001. Eating cookies whole. TIB theme weeks.
Cons: Flavor becomes too understated when you eat the cookies without taking them apart. Not really any berries other than strawberries. Might just be the same product Nabisco came out with three years ago. Seasonal hay fever.

36 thoughts to “REVIEW: Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreo”

  1. These look quite pleasant, not sure whether i would like the strawberry flavour with the darker biscuit flavour though.

  2. I tried the strawberry milkshake creme ones and they were AWFUL. Truly wretched.

  3. Aw, I was hoping they were actual ice cream sandwiches. You know, a big Oreo with some good quality real strawberry ice cream.

  4. I like Oreos but the it’s a lot of cookies for a single person to buy at one time. I end up feeling guilty. They are tasty though.

  5. i have broken out with a rash has that happen to anyone from eating these cookies

  6. The smell reminded me of something but I couldn’t quite place my finger on it…..then it hit me…it smells EXACTLY like Frankenberry cereal!!

  7. All I can say is mmmmmm mmmmmmm good. Someone left a pack in the breakroom and I ate almost all of them. I will be looking for these in the stores tomorrow!

  8. i tried the strawberry milkshake oreos when they came out but have not tried these yet. the creme looks different like there are “berry” particles in it and a darker pink than the strawberry milkshake. the strawberry milkshake lacked any definitive flavor. i’m interested in trying these to compare.

  9. I know deliciousness is subjective, but I couldn’t possibly disagree more with these being “wretched”. Some of the best (store-bought) cookies I’ve ever tasted. Highly recommended.

  10. I’ve had the Strawberry Milkshake ones A LOT and the Berry Burst taste nothing like them.
    Both are good, though.

  11. These are delicious! I wasn’t crazy about the Strawberry Milkshake ones but these are YUMMY! Problem is, the only place I can find them is Harris Teeter and there isn’t a Harris Teeter in my town.

  12. @Margie you can probably order them online from somewhere like amazon or Though, I haven’t checked.

  13. Indeed these are not the strawberry milkshake flavour, re-packaged. These are better. The strawberry tasted sort of meh and were texturally impossible to eat. These are typical Oreo texture with a strongly candy-berry flavoured icing. Delish!

  14. …THE BEST OREO I’VE EVER HAD. Perhaps even the best cookie…I eat these like chips, though they are hard to find. I’ve seen them at Kroger and Food Lion (havent checked harris teeter yet). Although 1/2 the time they are sold out. But they’re so, so so good. Mmmm. I’m pretty sure they are also double-stuffed, though they don’t mention it on the package. There’s a lot of creme in them, and the sugar content is almost 2x that of a regular oreo serving.

    Legit though…I have a mad sweet tooth and eat lots of cakes, cookies, desserts…..and these are fucking really good. I love them. BUY THEM

  15. I totally love these cookies they are by far my favorite! Had I known they would be gone the next time I went to buy them I would have bought them all. LOL

  16. My family and I all tried the Berry Burst Oreos and we thought they were horrible!! They tasted like childrens’ medicine and had an awful aftertaste. The box hit the garbage-first time an Oreo bit the dust in my house. I can’t think of another Oreo we haven’t thoroughly enjoyed. Just thought you should know that the Berry burst has not been your best work. Thanks for listening.

  17. I just tried these last week and let me tell you…THE BEST OREO COOKIE EVER!!! I have never tasted a cookie that actually taste like ice cream. It’s amazing! I am so addicted, trust me the chocolate cookie and strawberry is a great mixture! I’m a big kid when it comes to sweets (cookies, candy) and I absolutely love the taste of these cookies. For those saying the cookie is not good, something is totally wrong. Great job Nabisco!

    The only negative is that they are hard to find in stories. I have only found them at one Wal-Mart store in the DC area and one Shopper’s Food Warehouse store in VA. Thank goodness these are my regular stores for shopping.

  18. We can’t believe all the positive reviews of this cookie! The cream tasted like children’s chewable vitamins. We ate one each, scraped the cream off a couple of others, then threw out the box. Yuck!

  19. Wow, I am eating them now, but not the creme!!! I love strawberries so much but this cookie does neither strawberries nor oreo’s any justice. The plain chocolate cookie is better than the cookies with the creme between. Sorry but they’re just not my cup of tea or any of my 3 children’s.

  20. these are the worst tasting cookies. I don’t know how others are happy with these. they taste like the fakest cream but with an unpleasant aftertaste combined with the cookie part. Yuck!

  21. These cookies are just nasty. How can anyone like is just crazy. They taste like flintstones vitamins covered in chocolate. Waste of money…

  22. These cookies are absolutely disgusting. The comparison to Flintstones vitamins was right on. I saw them in the store and picked up a package wanting to try something new, and that first bite turned into a sour face pretty quick.

  23. I bought these berry burst oreo’s this evening hoping to discover a new oreo treat. Unfortunately these cookies are just disgusting. Whoever said flintstone vitamins hit the nail on the head. The aftertaste makes me sick. Just thinking about them makes me nauseated. I guess on the bright side I’ve found a cookie I can keep in the house for my kids to enjoy that I won’t be tempted to eat. Because they’re disgusting.

  24. These cookies are N-A-S-T-Y!!! They honestly taste JUST like Pepto Bismol. Like, seriously. Same creaminess, same flavor, etc. I honestly don’t understand how people enjoy these! I mean, I love cookies and sweets in general and even I threw these out after the first cookie.

  25. I cannot get enough of these scrumptious cookies! The centers remind me of strawberry cotton candy as they melt in my mouth. Not sure why some other reviews are unfavorable. I’m a super taster and give these cookies 2 thumbs up and a score of 8.5/10!

  26. I’m sorry, but these cookies are way too sweet. I haven’t tried it with milk, but I think it’s going to be tough to finish the box, as I can only handle one cookie a day. They’re the worst Oreo yet.

  27. I tried these about 6 months ago. I agree that these are absolutely horrid. Not worthy of the “Oreo” name by NO means!!!!

  28. I came here looking to see if other people had the same opinion. These Oreos are terrible. Artificial strawberry is never very good but these are the worst. Way to sweet and the chocolate doesn’t help at all. Looks like it’s pretty divided on who likes them and who doesn’t though. But those comparing them to Flintstone vitamins are crazy those vitamins were the best these Oreos make me sick.

  29. BEST. OREO.EVER. I actually look for new Oreo flavours every time I go to the U.S. (I’m from Canada) These are amazing!!! Why on earth don’t we have them here?!!!

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