Frosted Mini-Wheats Vanilla Creme

Frosted Mini-Wheats Vanilla Creme

Aaah, the smell of vanilla from this box of Frosted Mini-Wheats Vanilla Creme, it brought back such wonderful memories.

The pleasant memory of my mother baking chocolate chip cookies on a warm, breezy Spring day. The breeze would circulate the delicious aroma of the baking cookies throughout the house. That smell would guide me from my bedroom to the kitchen, where I waited, armed with a chilled glass of milk, to devour the freshly-baked goods.

Now I’m not a fan of regular Frosted Mini-Wheats because the “wheats” part of the name makes it sound too healthy. I’m not too fond of many healthy cereals, because they just don’t taste very good.

Although with this cereal, the vanilla aroma made me think it might turn out pretty good. I quickly poured myself a bowl and added some skim milk. I took another whiff of the cereal and it reminded me of another memory.

It reminded me of a time when I made sweet, sweet love with a lover in a bath surrounded by dozens of vanilla-scented candles. The illumination from the candles reflected off of the water and our wet skin. My lover and I caressed each other, making our hearts beat as one.

We laughed as our lovemaking caused violent waves in the bath, splashing several of the candles and extinguishing them. Although the heat from those candles were no longer there, my lover and I did not notice, for we made our own heat.

Now I don’t know if that flashback took too long, but when I took that first bite of the cereal all my hopes and dreams for it quickly went out the door, like the mailman when he gets caught sleeping with someone else’s wife.

First off, the cereal was damn soggy. It’s like each Frosted Mini-Wheat was a milk sponge. Also, the wonderful vanilla aroma didn’t become a wonderful vanilla taste. If it weren’t for the frosting, this cereal wouldn’t have a redeeming quality.

Also, to add injury to insult, my jaw began to get tired from chewing on these “milk sponges.”

After I finished the bowl, I opened the box and pulled out a piece of cereal. I looked at it and wondered why something that smells so good, doesn’t taste so good. I took another whiff of the vanilla aroma and I was again reminded of another memory.

This memory involved a lover lying face down on her bed, which was covered with petals of red roses. I poured warm vanilla-scented oil on her naked back and rubbed it all over, which, along with the moonlight coming in from the window, created an elegant shine.

My hands firmly massaged her tense muscles, attempting to massage her troubles away. She moaned erotically as I pushed my thumbs up her spine. My soft lips followed my thumbs with light kisses on her back, which caused her to moan much louder.

After that flashback, I popped the cereal in my mouth. When I started chewing, I instantly realized what was wrong with the Frosted Mini-Wheats Vanilla Cream. Milk does not do the Frosted Mini-Wheats Vanilla Creme good. Without the milk, they’re damn good.

I think I just found a new way of getting some fiber in my diet.

Before closing the box, I took one last whiff of the cereal and another memory popped into my head.

This time it reminded me of the intoxicating vanilla perfume worn by a stunning woman named Kristi, who was an expert dancer. Her flexibility and strength were her greatest assets as she danced around a pole.

I told my friend, who brought me there, that Kristi smelled astounding. He replied, “Yeah, I love the Scent of a Stripper,” as he put a five dollar bill in the crotch of Kristi’s thong.

Oh wait, now that I think about it, this memory was actually a combination of a dream and an episode of HBO’s G-String Divas.

Item: Frosted Mini-Wheats Vanilla Creme
Purchase Price: $3.00 (on sale)
Rating: 4 out of 5
Pros: Tastes great when eaten straight out of box. Excellent source of fiber. Frosting. Wonderful memories with vanilla.
Cons: Gets soggy quick. Doesn’t taste good when milk is added. Chewing for a long period of time may make your jaw hurt.

13 thoughts to “Frosted Mini-Wheats Vanilla Creme”

  1. Man.. I *hate* when a cereal tastes better dry than with milk. It’s so disappointing. Since most people eat cereal with milk, why the hell would a cereal company just stop there?

  2. No no no! THIS is the only cereal that tastes BETTER when soggy! I love pushing the wheats down to the bottom of the bowl and just waiting! The vanilla ones are good. I love the scent, too. Frosted Mini Wheats are my favorite. The drawback is that, while in milk, they don’t taste any different from the regular frosted ones.

  3. Interesting site this is here.
    It was fun reading the reviews, but why not also include the ethical records of the corporations producing the products? Or adding some more background info about the products themself. For example where ingredients come from, if they are vegetarian friendly or if it contains GM or fair trade ingredients. =;o)


  4. I have to agree with you.
    I have tried various versions of Mini Wheat’s and Milk always seem to ruin them…
    My dog’s really like them though…makes great training treats 🙂

  5. Alena – I like to have options though, just in case I don’t have any milk, or don’t have enough money to buy milk, or too lazy to go out and buy milk.

    Tina – You’re welcome. 🙂

    Kristin – I believe you’re the reason why they baked vanilla into the rest of the cereal.

    Sparkle – “…pushing the wheats down to the bottom and just waiting.” Sounds like someone enjoys drowing Frosted Mini-Wheats a little too much.

    Truth Seeker – ZZZZZ… Oh, I’m sorry. I fell asleep halfway through your comment. Let me read the rest. ZZZZZ… Oh, what?

    Okay, let me explain this using words from your comment. Tell me which word or group of words doesn’t belong with the other two:

    a) fun
    b) ethical records of the corporations
    c) fair trade ingredients

    Damon – So are they better than Milkbones?

  6. As long as you’re including information on fair trade ingredients and all, why don’t you also include multivariable calculus problems? And perhaps excerpts from “Ullysses” by James Joyce.

    That would, I think, be perfect.

  7. Mellie – Don’t feed him too much, unless you want Vanilla Mini-Wheats all over you.

    Damon – Wow, your dogs eat pretty well. I think they eat better than I do.

    Jill – Aren’t you forgetting the classical isodual theory of antimatter?

  8. Webmiztris – But dipping an Oreo in milk is actually good.

    Milk + Chocolate Cookie + White Filling = Yum.

    Milk + Wheat = Soggy Bleh!

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