REVIEW: Kellogg’s Limited Edition Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Chocolatey Almond Cereal

Kellogg’s Limited Edition Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Chocolatey Almond Cereal

If you say Baltimore, I think crab cakes and pit beef. If you say Memphis, I can already smell the BBQ. And if you mention chocolate, I’m transported to Hershey Park and that hokey but lovable chocolate factory ride. Well, unless you’re talking about the chocolate in the new Limited Edition Kellogg’s Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Chocolatey Almond cereal, in which case, I’d be at a complete loss for association without a little background research.

According to both commenters on this site and the back of the cereal box, it turns out the Colorado-based chocolatier is kind of a big freaking deal. The box sings all kinds of praise for the company, talking up “traditional methods” and “premium ingredients,” while using familiar buzz words like “premier” and “gourmet.” Basically, this is a company billing itself to be the Rolls Royce of chocolate, so you’d think that if they were going to team up with Kellogg’s to craft a chocolate flavored cereal, they might, you know, actually include chocolate in it.


Those of you familiar with Kellogg’s cereal have probably run across “chocolatey” cereals before. Like Special K’s Chocolatey Delight, the Rocky Mountain Chocolatey Almond Cereal feature chocolate-flavored squares that lack the legal definition of what chocolate is — cocoa butter. Made up instead of partially hydrogenated oil, sugar, and something called PGPR, the squares looks like chocolate, but they’re not chocolate.

Sneaky, I know.

But frankly, as long as it tastes like chocolate I don’t care if it’s made out of Brussels sprout powder, I just want something I can pass off as breakfast, but feel like I’m get dessert.

Opening the box up, I’m immediately greeted by an aroma similar to Cocoa Pebbles. There are sweetened corn flakes and what looks like a version of Chocolate Frosted Flakes. Both are well represented, but I’m struck by the sheer amount of the chocolate-but-not-really-chocolate chunks. 

Kellogg’s Limited Edition Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Chocolatey Almond Cereal Dry

The cocoa-coated flakes taste a lot like those in Chocolate Frosted Flakes, meaning, unfortunately, they taste a lot like corn, sugar, and a wee bit of cocoa powder. They’re fine, I guess, but I find myself more drawn to the golden flakes. There’s a delectable and light honey flavor to them with a touch of malt syrup, making them more interesting than your standard frosted flakes and giving them a crispy but lickable mouthfeel. They reminded me fondly of two of my favorite discontinued cereals, Frosted Flakes Gold and Corn Flakes Touch of Honey.

I considered the flakes to be the high point, because the chocolate is a major disappointment, especially when eaten dry. The squares hardly taste like anything, lacking any richness or even sweetness. If the Rocky Mountains are to represent the pinnacle of chocolate confectionary, this was, I suppose, something produced in Death Valley. 

Kellogg’s Limited Edition Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Chocolatey Almond Cereal Wet1

I didn’t enjoy the cereal very much as a dry snack, but felt it much improved in organic whole milk. Of course, that’s cheating a bit considering most cereal boxes try to goad you into pouring skim milk on your cereal by listing nutrition facts with added skim milk, but if you ask me, you might as well be pouring water on cereal.

Kellogg’s Limited Edition Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Chocolatey Almond Cereal Wet2

Anyways, the cocoa-coated flakes take on a nice malted milk flavor with a smooth taste, while the glazed corn flakes taste of honey and cream. Unfortunately, the “chocolate flavored pieces” still suck. I had hoped they might take on a sort of milk chocolate texture with added milk, but instead they turn into a vaguely cocoa-flavored, marshmallow-type square that tastes like what I assume dehydrated chocolate is like (although, having never gone into outer space myself, I gladly defer to any NASA experts on this matter.)

For good measure and in the interest of fairness I made sure to go back for a bowl in skim milk, finding, as expected, any richness gained from the whole milk to be gone, and the complete spoonful to be lacking.

Aside from being majorly disappointment in the chocolate, the cereal failed to also deliver a punch when it came to the almonds. Sliced small and thin, I suppose they add a nice touch on the cover art, but I didn’t notice them much while eating the cereal both dry and in milk. A damn, damn shame.

Even though the honey-glazed flakes of Kellogg’s Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company Chocolatey Almond Cereal reminded me of two of my favorite discontinued cereals, it’s still a major disappointment. Failing to deliver actual chocolate is bad enough given that the cereal is supposed to represent one of the country’s top artisan chocolatiers, but offering only meager almond and mild cocoa flavor puts it below other Kellogg’s chocolate cereals, like Krave and Frosted Mini-Wheats Chocolate Little Bites.

(Nutrition Facts – 1 cup – 210 calories, 35 calories from fat, 4 gram of fat, 2 gram of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat*, 0.5 grams of polyunsaturated fat, 1.5 grams of monounsaturated fat, 0 milligrams of cholesterol, 200 milligrams of sodium, 90 milligrams of potassium, 42 grams of carbohydrates, 1 grams of fiber, 18 grams of sugar, 3 grams of protein, and some vitamins and minerals.)

*made with partially hydrogenated oil

Item: Kellogg’s Limited Edition Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Chocolatey Almond Cereal
Purchased Price: $3.49
Size: 11.5 oz. box
Purchased at: Wegman’s
Rating: 4 out of 10
Pros: Delectable and light honey flavored flakes which remind of Frosted Flakes Gold and Corn Flakes Touch of Honey. Really good cocoa flake taste and crunch in whole milk. Limited Edition box to add to the collection. Spending time Googling food additive acronyms and feeling all Bill Nye the Science Guy because of it.
Cons: Fake chocolate tastes nothing like actual chocolate. Almonds get lost in the shuffle. Overall cocoa flavor is weak when eaten dry. Eating cereal in skim milk.

51 thoughts to “REVIEW: Kellogg’s Limited Edition Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Chocolatey Almond Cereal”

  1. I don’t know what others think about this cereal but I love it. my family has gone threw 6 boxes in four weeks. Its great to eat right out of the box, a nice snack. This is a great breakfast cereal with 2% milk a great cho taste and the almonds are a extra treat. My grand daughter thinks this is a must go to late at night or when you have that crave for chocolate. It sells for over $4.oo here and it worth it I would love to get a coupon so I could buy a few boxes cheaper.

  2. I am a big fan of Kellogg’s Chocolatey Delight. I decided to try this and am having a bowl now for the first time. Verdict: I don’t like it. I’ll be sticking with Chocolatey Delight. The RMCF cereal has a strange taste–maybe it’s honey. Maybe it’s the almonds (which I usually like but not in Kellogg’s cereals as they’re usually stale). Whatever; I don’t like this at all.

  3. I bought this because it was on bogo at my local supermarket and when I read the ingredients it appeared to be gluten free. I think it tasted good, but got soggy in 1% milk very quickly….really soggy. I used the ShopWell app and it shows this as AVOID/GLUTEN, but I can’t figure out what ingredient might have the gluten. I didn’t get symptoms after eating it, so I think the ShopWell app was just mistaken? Overall I liked it.

    1. So, you are scared of a pretend allergy you don’t really have in the first place? Awesome. I hope there’s an app for that.

      Consider not dying of hunger. We need more like you in this ecosystem.

    Would like to buy more but can’t find it.
    The box I bought was at a discount store.
    And they don’t know when or if they will have any more.

  5. I’m not sure where you found a box that contained the “chocolate” squares, because mine contains none. And so far I’ve found 2 almond slices.

  6. I just saw this cereal in stores and obviously had to buy a box. Everything the review up there said was exactly what was going through my mind as I read the rocky mountain box bullsh$t. Those chocolate bits, aremost definitely NOT what you will get at the actual chocolate place- I knew that when I bought the cereal though. There are a lot of the “cocoa” bits, but I also broke up some hershey bar anyway to throw in. You know, actual chocolate. I say 4/10 only because it vaguely reminds me of chocolate.

  7. Day 1 loved it but it gave me bubble guts. Day 2 I shit myself. Whatever they use to keep those chocolate chunks so soft is also softening everything.

  8. I saw this cereal in my regular grocery store and wouldn’t pay $4 for it, then I found it in Big Lots for $2.80 so I tried it. I think it’s really pretty good, I put Silk Almond/coconut milk on it (50% more calcium) and it’s outstanding for a cold cereal. I went back and bought 1/2 dozen more boxes.

  9. Noticed on the side panel of this cereal that it is a “Product of Mexico” !!

    We can’t produce cereal in Battle Creek, MI ?

  10. The cereal tastes great without the little “Fake Chocolate Pieces” in it. As a matter of fact, I specifically avoid eating the chocolate and work my way around it. Definitely does not taste of chocolate. BLAH. Take some tips from Dove and Ghiradelli and make real chocolate pieces.

  11. I absolutely love, love this cereal!!!
    Unfortunately my local grocery store doesn’t carry it, so I have to make a special trip to Walmart (all of them don’t carry it) or to Target. I buy 4-6 boxes at a time. I only have one negative comment, I wish they’d make it in a bigger box!!!

  12. Saw this at supermarkets for several months now. Didn’t buy on account of the $4.50+ (USD) price tag.
    Waited for a discount/BOGO/coupon/etc., never came.
    Stumbled on a $2.79/box at a bargain/discount supermarket. Picked up a box.
    First bowl, not too bad; had some almonds and “chocolatey” bits.
    Second bowl, no almonds nor “chocolatey” bits to be found.
    After I finish this box, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing another box for a while. (Forever is a bit much to declare for me.)

  13. I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time, but wasn’t willing to pay the crazy price for such a small box. I found some that was on clearance for $1.40 at Big Lots (out of date at the end of the month) and it was OK. I’d buy more for $1.40 a box, but that’s about it.

  14. You made me hungry now that I have tried it n have fell in love with it you take it away why no longer available at Walmart in BATAVIA, NEW YORK. WHY???????

  15. I love this cereal. I have never cared for cereal, until I tried Rocky Mtn Chocolate. Now, I eat it almost every day. For those who complain about this cereal, there are many other options. At our local Wal Mart, a box is just under $3. I usually pick up a $2 bag of sliced almonds. I can add 1/2 – 1 tablespoon if I want more than the amount in a box. My only concern was in reading some of the comments that indicate this is a limited edition cereal. For the first time in 2 years, there was not even 1 box in Wal Mart. They have a ton of the “seaonal cereals”, like pumpkin, already on display….so, maybe they moved the slow sales cereal to make room for the seaonal ones. I will be searching for it in other stores. Another drawback is the grocery stores charge over$5 for a box! I hope that I can find some at other Wal Mart.

  16. This cereal is okay but I add real chocolate and almonds to make it taste better. I think I will just start making my own version. Like hersheys real mini milk chocolate morsals, honey corn flakes,slivered almonds,and some granola clusters for extra crunch.
    FYI you can order this from amazon for 2.98 a box but you do need that 35.00 total to get free shipping. Add some of that awesome Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats Cereal to the mix. Avoid having it shipped in the summer though.

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